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SOFiSTiK BIM-Workflow for Buildings

The SOFiSTiK analysis workflow for buildings in Revit – Current status and latest developments

Within its recent version 2023, the analytical modeling concept in Autodesk® Revit® has been changed entirely. Analytical elements can now be modeled with total flexibility, yet they are still integral part of the BIM model in Revit with all the features for parametrization, drawing production and coordination being available.

In this webinar, the SOFiSTiK experts will introduce the new concept and will show you how SOFiSTiK solutions build upon and enhance that concept to allow for a fully connected and automated workflow from the 3D BIM model to analysis.


  • The new analytica model concept in Revit - physical vs. analytical model
  • SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator – create and optimize analytical models
    • Background and engineering assumptions

    • Tweak & control of the generation process

    • Checking and update of the generated analytical models

  • Latest features in the Revit-based analysis workflow

    • Attribute lines, eccentric members, variable thicknesses

  • Analysis in SOFiSTiK and evaluation of results

    • Stability check & generation of FE model

    • Analysis & design checks in SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop

    • Export to Excel, display of results in Revit

  • Customer references & further information

This webinar is presented to you by:

Photo Dr. Andreas Niggl
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Niggl

Head of Development

Photo MSc Florian Hemetsberger
Florian Hemetsberger, M.Sc.

Application Engineer