SOFiSTiK in 30 Minutes


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SOFiSTiK in 30 Minutes -

Software for structural analysis, design,
detailing, BIM and more

SOFiSTiK develops software for every aspect of structural engineering.
Our solutions provide the foundation for innovative workflows and comprehensive digitization in the construction industry.

With a team of more than 70 employees, we are pioneers, developers, consultants and creative thinkers. Each one of us is personally committed to creating powerful solutions that truly help our customers achieve their goals.

Learn in 30 minutes who SOFiSTiK is and which solutions from SOFiSTiK will bring you to the next level.



  1. Who we are – Software made by engineers for engineers
  2. SOFiSTiK – a save bet: 30 years of experience over two generations and part of the Man and Machine group
  3. State-of-the-art BIM, an open data hub for structural engineering with many interfaces and standard file formats
  4. Including the power of parametric modeling and input
  5. „Safety by design“ with lots of code checks
  6. Powerful from column design to bridge construction stages
  7. Reliable – we always find a solution for you
  8. Cost effective with packages and a modular license structure

Your speakers:

SOFiSTiK is introduced to you by
Stefan Maly

He started working at SOFiSTiK as a student in 2003 and since then became an irreplaceable part of the company. With his wide-ranging knowledge and innovative ideas, he is leading SOFiSTiK in the position of CPO today.

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