Webinar Recording

Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges

Cable Stayed Bridges are beautiful and awe-inspiring structures
With their elegant form, simple force transfer mechanism and high level of statical indeterminacy, Cable Stayed Bridges are every structural engineer’s dream. They are versatile for their span range and are increasingly being used for medium to very long spans on rivers, in urban and non-urban settings.

In this online lecture, we plan to introduce you to the analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges.

You will learn about the determination of cable and initial jacking forces at the time of installation to obtain the desired geometry. You will also learn about the calculation of member forces at the stage of traffic opening.

We will be using SOFiSTiK for the analysis and will show how it can greatly help in this optimisation process.

We will start with a short introduction explaining the critical non-linear effects and the basic design process for Cable Stayed Bridges. Followed by the initial cable force determination for dimensioning of cables and a construction stage analysis to calculate the initial jacking forces. Furthermore, you will see the pre-camber control and static analysis for live loads.


The topics include: 

  • Introduction
    • Non-linear effects
    • Design process
  • Initial cable force determination
    • Traditional methods
    • Form/force finding with SOFiSTiK
  • Construction stage analysis
    • Backward and Forward analysis
    • Force finding in construction stage analysis
    • Camber control
  • Static analysis
    • Live load analysis