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User Report: One bridge - many static models

No matter how challenging the task, KMP ZT-GmbH (Linz) finds a solution using SOFiSTiK FEA tools

Extraordingary structures require extraordinary features from the structural analysis software. The architect-designed bridge over the Danube with unusual load-bearing behaviour presented challenges for the structural design.

"For extraordinary projects, we also need structural analysis software that offers special features that go far beyong the everyday scope", says Günther Mayrhofer, project manager for structural analysis at KMP ZT-GmbH. The company has relied on  SOFiSTiK FEA for bridge construction for more than 10 years. "It's even besser to have software that covers both: everyday life and special applications."

Read our user report to find out how KMP ZT-GmbH successfully applied SOFiSTiK software for the detailed design of the new replacement construction of the Linz railroad bridge with its specific requirements.

Access the whole report here:

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