Getting started with SOFiSTiK & Grasshopper

Parametric Modeling and Design

From Rhino Grasshopper to SOFiSTiK – Starting with principles, over the basics and all the way to seamless parametric analysis

How do I set up Grasshopper, what are the most important basics, what do SOFiSTiK´s components do, how do I best start my first projects? Those are the questions that we aim to answer with this document and the example files you can download here.

Rhino Grasshopper is a powerful tool to create any kind of geometry for structural analysis in SOFiSTiK. This includes parametrization, load application, cross section generation and much more.

This document will help you to understand the software and to streamline your workflow.

3 examples are included in this document. They will provide you a basic overview of the capabilities of Rhino Grasshopper and the possibilities it gives you by using it with SOFiSTiK.

To follow the shown workflows in this document you need this software: