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Webinar Recording Werner Sobek AG:

Kuwait International Airport 
The overall finite element model and the importance of Open BIM

We are delighted about Werner Sobek AG presenting one of the most ambitious projects in this webinar recording: the Kuwait International Airport. 

Kuwait's international airport will be expanded in 2022 by a new terminal building (Terminal 2) based on a design by Foster + Partners.

The building was planned without expansion joints, despite an edge length of 1.2 km and a roof area of more than 320,000 m².

The main structure consists of curved pre-stressed concrete parts with a maximum span of 145m.

A double-curved shell - which consists of innovative prefabricated cassettes - spans between the prefabricated members.

The cassettes, made of steel and exposed concrete, determine the architectural appearance of the building and represent one of the most complex supporting structure.

The size of the building, the complex interaction between the various components and the innovative systems are the main reasons making this project so extraordinary.


In this webinar recording, Matteo gives you an overview of the demanding project focusing on the overall finite element model. Using Grasshopper and the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface, a seamless Open BIM workflow became possible and was essential for this extraordinary project.

Your Speakers:

Matteo Brunetti, M. Eng., Werner Sobek AG


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Georg Pircher, SOFiSTiK AG