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Chenab Bridge Webinar

World’s highest railway bridge in Kashmir, India

The new bridge across the deep gorge of the Chenab River in the remote mountains of Jammu and Kashmir is a key component of the Udhampur–Srinagar–Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project. The bridge is 1315 m long in total. Its main arch with a span of 467 m and land pier heights of up to 131 m place the bridge at an imposing 362 m above the river water level, making it the World’s tallest railway bridge.

Kilian Karius, Senior Bridge Engineer at
LAP in Stuttgart / Germany talks about the design of this outstanding bridge. The main topics to discuss are the global and local structural SOFiSTiK models for the arch and the columns connecting arch and deck. A detailed look is given on the arch erection simulation and analysis.

Kilian will explain technical challenges for the design and how the SOFiSTiK model helps to address these challenges.


Your speakers:

Kilian Karius

Senior Bridge Engineer at LAP in Stuttgart / Germany

Georg Pircher

Director International Business Development