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SOFiSTiK Explore your benefits

All about SOFiSTiK in a nutshell

In 30 minutes, learn everything you need to know about SOFiSTiK's range of products and services and how SOFiSTiK can take you further.

  • We will introduce you to the added value of SOFiSTiK solutions.
  • You will learn about the range of application of SOFiSTiK products

Your added value at a glance:

SOFiSTiK offers you software and services from engineers for engineers for all areas of construction engineering.



One Tool for All: Our all-around packages offer a wide range of application, maximum calculation quality and planning security


SOFiSTiK's high-performance software allows you to boost your efficiency and save valuable time without compromising on quality


 Stay flexible. SOFiSTiK supports diverse interfaces and BIM approaches, whether you prefer open BIM, native BIM, small or big BIM

Would you like to get familiar with SOFiSTiK’s range of products and services in advance? Then head to our website and browse through one of our user reports to get an idea about our customers’ projects and experience with SOFiSTiK.
This presentation will be brought to you by:

Stefan Maly

Stefan started at SOFiSTiK in 2003 as a working student and is now the driving force behind continuous product development and innovation as Chief Product Officer.

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Georg Pircher

Georg is an experienced structural engineer and started at SOFiSTiK in 2012. He is continuously advancing SOFiSTiK's  international business as Head of International Business.

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